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PS4, Xbox One family

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May 28th, 2021

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Become a gold miner in Gold Mining Simulator – now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Great news, miners – Gold Mining Simulator is coming to consoles!

Gold Mining Simulator is a realistic, gold mining simulator based on real gold mining. Start with a simple bucket, hog pan and lease your first claim as you begin to mine gold. The objective is: work hard, dig deep, explore the world, to become the wealthiest person in Alaska!

You will be able to sit behind the wheels of multiple, highly detailed vehicles (such as bulldozer, drill, front-end loader or excavator) and dig gold on one of four unique mining areas with fully deformable terrain.

Your plan is simple – scout and plan your operation, buy new tiers of mining equipment, and let your gold business grow. But remember – every real business will face some obstacles. Machines will break, weather will affect your operation and interest on leased property will grow.

To make ends meet you’ll have to embrace four season cycle and think about making some extra money. Harsh Alaskan winters have impact on prices and even decrease durability of your machines. Oh, and don’t be surprised, if bear steals some of your equipment!

Get familiar with wash plant, gold nuggetator, or wave table. Manage water pressure and power system in order to help machines work properly. And don’t forget to hire some workers and let them grow your business!

Console version of Gold Mining Simulator will be available as digital release on May 28th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console family (including Frankenstein DLC). For price, availability and additional details check your regional PlayStation™ Store or Microsoft Store.

Let’s mine some gold!


  • Realistic mining machines and equipment.
    Detailed industrial grade equipment for mining & washing gold.
  • Highly detailed mining process.
    Realistic excavation with dynamic soil physics.
  • Failures and repairs.
    Multiple gear upgrades, malfunctions & repairs.
  • Real-life gold economy.
    Changing gold prices, worker employment, and parcel rentals.
  • Cycles of nature.
    Day / night cycle with changing seasons & weather affecting your operation.
  • Four unique claims.
    Four fully deformable parcels with their own background story to discover in your spare time.

About Code Horizon

Founded in 2014, Code Horizon is a game development studio specializing in simulator games. Years of experience in creating custom and commercial simulation environments set the company direction for years to come. Code Horizon’s most popular title, Gold Mining Simulator, succeeded on Kickstarter by surpassing the main goal multiple times. Once released, it turned out to be one of the best-selling Polish games in 2017. Up till now Gold Mining Simulator is still one of the most popular PC gold mining games.



Download Press Kit ZIP


Download Press Kit ZIP